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Tossing rocks down an empty well

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Right - like there's room here to put what I am still figuring out. I, like everyone, am a shapeshifter, but the core of who I am remains constant. I am a child of God, a teacher, a mother, a wife, a friend , a thinker, a poet, a tree lover, a fighter in armour, a cripple constantly dancing in the shifting shadows of reality and dreaming, with a penchant for alliteration and dying my hair.

Doesn't even come close...

I am currently living in Prunedale and teaching in San Jose. I live with my husband, four small sons, two cats, a dog, and a bunch of fish. I teach at the high school and college level. I am the oldest of eight children and the only girl. I can do nifty tricks on crutches, usually utilize a cane, and sometimes go on wheels. I am Catholic and churched (let the church say Amen!). I play in the SCA, have eclectic tastes in music, and am not sure why I am keeping a journal anyway. People tell me I'm weird. Strange, huh?